History :

    Athenaeum is a student body to promote co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of student community.

    The word 'Athenaeum' comes from the Greek Goddess of wisdom ''ATHENE''.

Objective :

   It is founded on the principles of transparency, accountability, Participatory and creativity.

   Athenaeum is entirely done by student body with elected representatives.

   Athenaeum encourages student’s participation in exhibiting their creativity, organizing ability, latent talents, etc. within the campus and beyond the boundaries of their academic activities.

   The wisdom generated in the conduct of athenaeum activities helps the students hone their leadership qualities, entrepreneurial skills, time and people management.

Events :

   The annual activities of Athenaeum are dotted with the landmark events such as SIVARANJANI, MITAFEST, and the release of MITMAG magazine.


Web Team of MIT strives to develop the website knowledge among the students of MIT right from the freshers to pre-final years.

The Web Team of MIT is maintains the following websites


The college related websites are also hosted under the domain of successfully Some of them are :


Function of WebTeam  :

     Provide mail services to all Teaching Staff in the college under the domain of  

     Also provide mail service to Research Scholars to enable them to submit their research papers to various journals.

    Conducting classes for junior students in order to build the web team of MIT well equipped with large number of students

     Frequently updating the news and publishing information about workshops/conferences that are held in MIT periodically


    Tamilselvan M (2018-Present) - IT

    Srivatsan N (2017-2018) - IT 

    Surendar Sivakumar (2016-2017 ) - IT

    Ranjith (2014-2015) - ECE

    Manoj , Dhaarani (2013-2014) - IT  

Staff Incharge:

    Swathy R (Computer Center)




      As we are in the era of IT and automation, the computer has penatrated deep through and is expanding rapidly, regardless of the discipline. The Computer Society of MIT, one of the oldest and most professional associations in MIT, is aimed to create immense awareness in software and hardware and to promote the ability of computation to the welfare of the student community. It is run by the computer center of MIT.

Initial Developments :

      Richard M Stallman, the founder of Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project, has delivered lectures on Free Software and GNU/Linux twice at MIT, ands the events were organized by the Computer Society of MIT.

Activities :

      The Computer Society conducts classes on C, Linux and CADD/PRO-E and C aptitude tests every week to train both the beginners and the advanced programmers.

      Hardware classes are conducted occasionally. Enigma, an intra-college event, meant exclusively for the first years, is conducted annually to get them exposed to the field of software.

      Our annual event Carte Blanche is an exclusive event for and on Free and Open source Technologies.

      This was previously held as Linux Demo Day in partnership with the Indian Linux Users Group,Chennai ILUGC), which had a tremendous response from both the public and the students.

      Carte Blanche (2012)debuts as a wholesome symposium with Demos, Workshops, Lectures, Free software distribution, Project presentations, Programming contest, Debugging and hacking contests,Linux Quiz, Online contests, and lots of informal and other events with the theme, Freedom and Technology.

 Achievements :

      Carte Blanche Live v0.6 is a Live CD of GNU/Linux system intended for the educational world.

      It can be used directly with a PC compatible computer.

      The purpose of this CDROM is to enable the students to get acquainted easily with a free system and to use some of the outstanding free software usable in engineering context.

      Believing in the greatness of the Open source philosophy, Carte Blanche Live CD is developed under the GPL license.

      These Live-CDs are distributed to all those who attend the function as an act of contribution to Open Source philosophy.

Support :
       The computer society is supported by Indian Linux User Group – Chennai and National Research Center for FOSS.

       For further details visit us at ,

       Computer Society Members List(2016-17)
       Computer Society Members List(2017-18)



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