The Aeronautical Association of the Madras Institute of Technology was established in the year of 1957. The Association of Aeronautical Engineers (AAE) at MIT is one of the ever-buzzing associations with umpteen numbers of activities to promote the interests of budding aerospace community. It is funded and run by the students and faculty members of the Aerospace Engineering Department. Various co-curricular activities like guest lectures, industrial visits, aero modeling activities etc. are conducted throughout the year by the association including a technical symposium FLIGHT annually. 

 FLIGHT is a National Level Technical Symposium with a plethora of events in the field of Aerospace engineering. This is where the most brilliant minds from the best institutes across the nation turn up every year in order to compete and prove their talents.

 Events which provide hands-on experience to students such as Mini and Micro Air Vehicle, Bottle Rocketry, Bridge building, CATIA modelling, Paper presentation, Boomerang contest, Glider and paper plane contests are hosted during this Technical Symposium. This festival provides a platform for many students to expose their talents and to cultivate fresh thoughts. Thus FLIGHT always turns out to be the biggest treasury of practical knowledge for them. The awe and admiration for the flying machines never dies in human hearts which is the greatest strength of Technical Symposiums of this kind. Even people, who are alien to the faculty of Aerospace, prove to have the best interests in knowing the magic of making things fly.FLIGHT never disappoints them either.

 FLIGHT also provides a platform to develop a very good rapport and healthy relations with students, institutes and companies.  

 Currently, Mrs.Leelavathy Mercy Florence is the in-charge for Association of Aeronautical Engineers.