FLIGHT 16 was scheduled and celebrated on 11/03/2016 and 12/03/2016. This FLIGHT16 function was inaugurated by Dr.N.S.R.K. Prasad, Group director (EMOS), ADA, DRDO, Bangalore and delivered his inaugural address in the area of Development of Avionics systems in Fighter aircrafts. Further welcome address provided by Dr.BTN Sridhar, Prof & Head, Presidential address by Dr.K.Jayaraman, Professor & About Flight 16 and its arrangements  by Dr. A. Saravanakumar, staff in charge, AAE. This year nearly 14 events like cad modeling, composites, and 6 workshops like jets, flight control, R.C UAV modeling , totally 20 programme were conducted as a part of FLIGT16. More than 500 participants  were participated and made the function as huge successful one.  









                           Flight 16 Inaugural function

                             Left to right: Dr.BTN. Sridhar, prof & head, Dr.NSRK.Prasad, Group Director, ADA, DRDO, Bangalore, Dr.A.Saravanakumar, staff in charge, AAE, Mr.K.Kathiresh, Chairman, AAE



FLIGHT16 Inagural talk by Dr.NSRK.Prasad, Group Director, ADA