History :

    Athenaeum is a student body to promote co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of student community.

    The word 'Athenaeum' comes from the Greek Goddess of wisdom ''ATHENE''.

Objective :

   It is founded on the principles of transparency, accountability, Participatory and creativity.

   Athenaeum is entirely done by student body with elected representatives.

   Athenaeum encourages student’s participation in exhibiting their creativity, organizing ability, latent talents, etc. within the campus and beyond the boundaries of their academic activities.

   The wisdom generated in the conduct of athenaeum activities helps the students hone their leadership qualities, entrepreneurial skills, time and people management.

Events :

   The annual activities of Athenaeum are dotted with the landmark events such as SIVARANJANI, MITAFEST, and the release of MITMAG magazine.


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