Following sophisticated equipments are added to the facilities of the department.    


  • Engine and chassis components Laboratory

                                     To enhance the  practical knowledge of the  students, engines from some renowned industries are displayed (Ashok Leyland, Ford  etc.). The various components of an automobile are also displayed  (clutch, gearbox etc.). In this lab, the students will study about the basic principle  involved in chassis components and engine components. And the students will  perform various experiments like dismantling and assembling of  engine and chassis components.


  •  Engine and vehicle testing laboratory

                                 As failure is stepping stone to success , it is rightful to say testing is the important quality of the vehicle. Hence this lab consists some eddy current dynamometers of various capacities, exhaust analyzers and a two/three /four wheelers chassis dynamometers. It is a great honor for us to say that we are the only Educational institute to have the chassis dynamometer in India. The Students will come to know about the basics of how the engine and the vehicles are tested in the companies.


  • Automotive Electronics Laboratory

                            These days all automobiles are becoming  electronically equipped. So students have to learn about these electronic techniques. In this automotive electronics lab the equipments available are a stepper motor interface, a LVDT module,   DC servo motor system, ADC  & DAC interface board, High speed PCI based data acquisition system , etc. Students have to do a Mini project (regarding Electronics) in this lab 




  • Automotive design and analysis laboratory

                                       Design and analyzing of components is the key factor for engineering which is done in this lab. This lab consists of nearly 50 computers with latest configurations. Designing and simulating software’s are used for designing and analyzing.