Association of Computer Technologists(ACT)

             Association of Computer Technologists (ACT), established in the year 2010, comprises of aspiring students and elite faculty members of the Department of Computer Technology, Anna University, MIT campus. The department of Computer Technology, established in 2000 was carved out of the Department of Information technology in June 2010 which is presently headed by Dr.P.Anandha Kumar, an educator and researcher himself. Our association is a rendezvous for all technology enthusiasts to communicate their ideas and excel in the field of computer science. ACT fosters a strong spirit of collaboration and partnering with the industry. Our student members have been recruited in companies of global acclaim such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and the like. We strongly encourage entrepreneurship and many of our graduates add to the fast growing computer industry by occupying positions of impact in entrepreneurial venues



           The Association of Computer Technologists take great pride in conducting PRAYATNA, our annual national level inter-college technical festival. PRAYATNA, a conglomeration of the brightest minds in India, is hosted by the Department of Computer Technology, Anna University, MIT Campus. Over 3000 students from over 150 colleges flock to take part in this festival. In a nutshell, PRAYATNA is a platform that churns out technical and creative ideas from upcoming engineers by assessing their aptitude in coding, design, entrepreneurial skills and other multi-faceted concepts. Special workshops with the help of experts from the industry enhance the participant’s knowledge and creative potentials.


          Trigger is an Intra college Technical Fest by Association of Computer Technologists.