The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has announced under the Rule 110 of TamilNadu Legislative Assembly during August 2016, for the establishment of Centre of Excellence for Automobile Technology (CEAT) to involve on developing a vehicle with low fuel consumption and low carbon-di-oxide emission at MIT Campus, Anna University at a cost of Rs.50.00 crore. A new building of 2700Sq.Mt area was constructed for CEAT which consists of 8 laboratories in thrust area of Automobile Engineering.

As Government of Tamil Nadu share, Rs 10 Crore has been released to Anna University, Chennai to establish the Centre. In order to achieve the objectives, the faculty members are divided into four teams namely GDI Engine team, CO2 Capture & Separation Team, Fuel cell team and Electric Vehicle Team.



GDI Engine team

Team Leader        : Dr. M. Senthil Kumar

Team Members    :Mr P Elayaraja, Mr R. Sakthivel, Mr. M. Munniappan




CO2 Capture & Separation Team

Team Leader        :Dr. P. Senthil Kumar

Team Members    :Mr S Mariappa, Mr A Jayanth Joseph, Mr M Balaguru







Fuel cell team

Team Leader        : Dr. K. Annamalai

Team Members    :Dr. G. Anandkumar, Mr. P. Jagan


The following major facility are established by the Fuel Cell Team.


The other facility includes Onboard H2 Electrolyser, 72V Battery and Battery Charger, Hydrogen Cylinder and its accessories, Motor Controller.


Electric Vehicle Team

Team Leader        : Dr. K. Arunachalam (Mobile: 9884345564)

Team Members    : Dr. S. Arul Selvan, Mr. B. Vasanthan, Mr. S. Sunil, Mr. S. Arun Prasad, Dr. Sangeet Sahaya Jeyangel.


The following facility are established by the Electric Vehicle team





Contact Details:

Professor- in – charge


Dept. of Automobile Engineering

Anna University - MIT Campus


Chennai – 600044

Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile : 9884345564

044 - 22516339